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Web Manuals is a web-based application for digitizing manuals, enabling control, compliance, and agility for the aviation industry.

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Key advantages for

CEO/Accountable manager

  • Save time in all operational areas and use your resources better
  • Standardize all documents according to company profile
  • Gain full control over the safety implementation of the organisation
  • Be able to describe the operational system correctly

Compliance Manager

  • Improve availability of manuals for all staff by collecting manuals in one place
  • 360° vision of the quality system and its implementation
  • Gain consistency in quality and structure of manuals
  • Shorten the revision process and facilitate the dialog with authorities

Director of Flight Operations

  • Immediate availability of documentation to irregular routes
  • Readers get easy access to modified pages in updated revisions
  • Support for off-line availability of manuals through our iPad/Windows apps
  • Access to manuals may be awarded according to role and base access

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