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About Web Manuals

What we do

With offices in Malmö, Sweden and San Diego, California, we work with a global perspective building partnerships with the leading experts and suppliers in aviation knowledge management.

The benefits we bring our clients

We set the standard for digitizing manuals for the aviation industry by offering a streamlined solution enabling end-to-end control, compliance, agility, and cost-efficiency.

In short, our clients save time and money in editing, publishing, and distributing their operational manuals. They are able to publish new revisions as often as needed and gain full control of their documentation and communication systems.


2002: Beginning

The state-of-the-art technology behind the Web Manuals application began development.

2007: Tibet Server

We began creating and delivering large-scale solutions for clients, providing mission-critical software services to the aviation industry.

2012: Web Manuals

Web Manuals Sweden AB was founded in 2012 as a part of a strategic acquisition of competence, technology, and clients from Tibet Server AB to focus on knowledge management solutions for the aviation industry.

2014: Cross the Atlantic

Web Manuals Inc., a subsidiary in the USA, was established. Within weeks, Web Manuals Inc. had signed its first client and partner, opening the door to the largest market in aviation.

2014: Compliance libraries

We added one of our most used and powerful features, enabling users to link their policies & procedures to regulations.

2014: iPad app

In an industry trending towards paperless cockpit, our app was a logical next step. Pilots and other front line employees can now access their manuals anywhere online or offline.

2015: Windows app

In response to strong customer demand, we developed our intuitive and powerful Windows app for customers using devices such as the Surface.

2016: Expanded US presence

We open our second US office in San Diego, California


Martin Lidgard

Founder and CEO 73 200 1060

Richard Sandström

Founder and CTO

Paul Sandström

Customer Experience

Krister Genmark

Regional 619 699 9955

Stefan Bundgaard

Service Desk

Adriana Sava

Financial Controller and Compliance

Annika Fagerström


Mikael Norrman

Lead App

Henrik Petersson

Compliance Manager and Documentation

Julia Larsson

Customer Delivery Coordinator and Executive

Sigrid Falck


Gesa Cole

Customer Experience 1 (619) 309-3958

Anne Schneider


Nadja Ibrahim

Service Desk


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