Customer Stories

“Without Web Manuals we would still be in the Stone Age.”
– Bromma Air Maintenance, Sweden

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Small Planet

“Since we started using Web Manuals it’s easier and faster to manage operational content, easier to distribute data to flying or administration personnel and easier to monitor ‘Read’ acknowledgements."

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Global Airways: scalable manuals management for a growing operation

"The system checks everything for you and warns you when it comes across irregularities.”

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Bluebird Cargo: bringing efficiency to compliance management

“I’m not sure how many people were assigned to editing manuals before, but they’re a lot fewer now” - Hjördís Ólafsdóttir, Bluebird Cargo

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ACI Jet – Coming up with better solutions together

“Typically, it took a full eight hours with three people working on it to accomplish a revision change. Now, a revision change takes about three hours – if it’s a big one – and I can do that myself. So, we’ve gone from 24 man hours to three.”

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Specialist Operators

“I’d never want to go back to the system we had before. I can’t imagine what it would be like.”
– Zimex Aviation, Switzerland

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“Working with Icelandair has been invaluable in helping develop the product as it relates to larger, more complex operators. By sharing their vast operational expertise, it’s helped us to create the best document management solution available to small and midsize airlines.”
– CTO Richard Sandström, Web Manuals

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