Add a new Compliance Library

Navigate to Compliance Libraries

From the admin interface go to Settings -> Compliance Libraries -> Manage.

Add Compliance Library

Press the Add Compliance Library button to add a new library to your site.

Enter the appropriate information for your library. Note that you have the option to choose externally managed libraries if your site are subscribing to compliance libraries from Web Manuals.

Add Revision

The newly created library will now be displayed in the Manage Compliance Libraries list. The warning triangle informs us that the library is not yet available due to the fact that we haven't published any revisions. To create a revision we first need to navigate to the revisions screen, do this by pressing the Revisions button.

This screen will display all available revisions for the selected compliance library. To create a new revision press the Add Compliance Revision​ button.

Enter the appropriate name for your revision and a description if needed. Note that you can also choose if the revision should be based upon a previous revision, since this is our first revision the list will be empty. When you are done press the Add button.

Add Compliance Requirement

Once you have added the revision it will be displayed in the list as shown below. To add requirements to the library press the Requirements button.


Now you can choose to add requirements either by uploading an Excel file or by adding them using the system. Note that when uploading an Excel file the system will not filter out any already existing requirements meaning duplicates can be added.

Adding Requirements in Web Manuals

You usually start of by adding categories which in turn contain one or more compliance requirements. Remember that the numbering must be correctly done for the hierarchy to be displayed correctly.

  1. Category: Choose if the item is a category.
  2. Applicable: Choose if the requirement is applicable for your organisation.
  3. Numbering: Set the numbering for the requirement. It's very important to get this right to ensure that your requirement is displayed hierarchically  correct.
  4. Requirement: Enter the actual requirement.
  5. Guidance: Add a supporting text for the requirement.
  6. Description: Here you have the option to enter a short description related to the requirement.


Activate the Revision

Press the Back button in the requirements view to go back to the revision screen. Press the button labeled  Set Active to activate the revision and thus making the library available to use.

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