Change Log

Add a Change Log Module

  1. Open a Web document and go to the first page.
  2. Go to Tools menu and click Modules.

  3. Drag the Change Log module to the desired position on the page.

  1. When you apply the Change Log module on the page a settings menu appear. Choose settings and click OK to create the Change Log.

How to Use the Change Log Module


  • Show pages
    Select weather to show a list of all the changed pages in the document or only pages that include one or more section with comments. You also have the possibility to only show pages that has got important comments.

  • Show columns
    Select which information to show in the document. Please find examples of this below.

  • Number of lines to show
    This function is to adjust how many lines that will be shown in the Change Log.

  • Number of lines to skip
    This function is to input to the module how many that have already been covered by other Change Log pages and therefore should be skipped.


This part will present an example and go through how the "Change Log" looks.

This illustration of a Change Log above show you the following information:

  • Page
    Shows where on the manual that the change were made.

  • Date
    Display the date when the change/comment was made.

  • Author
    Which user made the change.

  • Comment
    Displays the change/comment.

If the module needs to be updated this update button will be shown.

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