Content Mirror

Add a Content Mirror Module

  1. Open a Web document and go to the first page.
  2. Go to Tools menu and click Modules.

  3. Drag the Content Mirror module to the desired position on the page.

  1. When you apply the Content Mirror module on the page a settings menu appear. Choose document and page (and section if you wish) you want to mirror. Click OK when done to add the module to the page.

How to Use the Content Mirror Module

  • Web Document
    Select the document you wish to mirror from.

  • Revision
    Published - Displays mirrored content from the published version of that document.
    Next - Displays mirrored content from the latest revision of that document.
    Caution about Next Revision - Using this option allows you to add content that has yet to go through the publishing approval process and therefore should be used with caution.

  • Page
    Select the page that you wish to mirror.

  • Section
    Section refer to the text sections on the page you are mirroring. To help with selection, the first few lines of text from each section have been added to the drop down.

  • Replace
    These act as a simple find/replace tool. It is here you can edit words in the mirrored text without altering the original itself.

  • Heading offset
    Select the amount  of offset the content headers of the mirrored text will have.

    Ex. If the original header is H3  and the offset is +1, then the mirrored header will be a H4.

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