Edit a Form

How to Edit a Form

Navigate to Manage Forms 

  1. Click on Forms and Manage Forms in the main menu.
  2. Click the Pen icon next to the form you want to edit.

The Edit Form section


From here you can change the name and/or description of the form. You can also include the form’s fields within the registry listing. Contact Email, First Name and Last Name columns are used for defining which fields emails using form registries will take for their Contact email, First name and Last name fields. 

Edit a Form 

Click at the name of the Form you want to edit.

The grid is where you place the fields. The workspace area adjusts itself according to your needs.

Adding fields

  1. Click on the field you want to add and it will be placed on the grid.
  2. Added fields can be dragged to desired place and it is possible to change the order of them.

Field settings



Clicking a field in the workspace will bring up its Properties panel. Under Properties you find the tools to manage what the field should do and how it should look.


Here you can see information about the selected field, you can set the name and if the field should be required to fill out to be able to complete the form.


  • Validation - Allows for the data in a field to be checked for validity.
  • Layout - Changing the layout of a field changes the orientation of the text associated with the field (Beside, above or inside).


Position & Size
Here you enter the numbers to manipulate the size and positioning of the field. Note! Another way of doing this is by clicking and dragging the field directly on the workspace. Grabbing the bottom right corner of a field will let you stretch it to desired size.

Here you set the text associated with the field, e.g. "First Name".

Here you can add more items to the selected field. E.g. for a checkbox you can add more boxes and choose if any of them should be checked by default.

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