How to Review

Locate the document

Login to the portal site, once successfully logged in you shall find a menu button called To Review, this will take you to a page that contains all the documents you are eligible to review. Find the appropriate document and click on the Open link, now you should see the unpublished revision of the selected document.

Navigation bar

Next/previous unpublished page

These navigation buttons lets you easily navigate between the pages that has not yet been published so that you quickly can approve or deny them.


At the bottom there is a list showing all events related to the current page. Comment view lets you enter a short comment that will only be accessible to editors, reviewers and the admin.


When you have read and are satisfied with the content on the page you can accept the page, there is also the option to enter a short message to the editor.


If the content on the page does not live up the required standard there is the option to reject a page. This action will force the editor to take the page back into draft and fix the issues preventing it from being accepted. The option to enter a useful comment to the editor is also present here.

Print without watermark

As a reviewer you have the option to print pages from the document without any watermarks, you can do this pressing the Print button from the Left Bar and make sure the Without Watermarks box is ticked (if available).

Sign in

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