Manage Page Structure

Manage Pages

Navigate to Page Structure

  1. Open the Web document.
  2. Click Page Structure in the menu​.

Add a page

Click the plus button to add a new page to the bottom of the Page Structure.

Move a page

Drag and drop the page you want to move. Release mouse click to complete the move.

If dropping a page onto another page it will become a part of that page's chapter (background becomes gray). To put a page between two pages use the green line as an indicator. 

Delete or Archive a page

If a page has been published it cannot be deleted. Instead it will be marked for archived (it will become red in the Page Structure) and archived when the revision is published. Unpublished pages will instead be deleted and instantly removed from the Page Structure directly.

  1. Click the trash can button next to the page you want to delete or archive.
  2. Confirm by clicking Yes.


Pages with underlying pages cannot be deleted. You have to move or delete the underlying pages first.

Create a new chapter from a page

  1. Click the plus icon on the first line to create a new page at the bottom.
  2. Click the pen icon on the new page.
  3. Give the chapter a title and click Update.

In the example above "2-3 - Empty page" will become "3-1 - Training".

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