Manage Tasks

Add a Task

  1. Open the Web document.
  2. Select the Task List in the document menu.
  3. Click Add Task.

  1. Fill in the Task form:
    Page - Connect a page in the document to the task (optional)
    Title - Add title
    Message - Add a message (optional)
    Assigned - Assign a user (optional)
    Due date - Add a due date (optional)
    Send update as email notification - An email with the task will be sent out to the assigned user (optional)

View and Manage Tasks

Task List overview


  1. Type of task.
  2. The task's title (or message, if title is missing). Click to edit the task.
  3. The document and if selected page that the task is connected to. Click the page to open it.
  4. The user that is assigned to the task.
  5. Switch between viewing Pending and Completed tasks.
  6. The due date of the task.
  7. Button to delete the task.

Edit a task

  1. Click at the "name" of the task (see step 2 on the Task List overview image above)
  2. Update the task (possible fields to update are TitleMessageAssigned user and Due date)
  3. Add a comment if desired


It is possible to send an email information about the update and/or the comment to the assigned user. This is done done by ticking Send update as email notification on Edit Task or Add comment. This is unticked by default and needs to be ticked every time you want an email to be sent.

Show My Tasks


  1. Click Account and My Tasks in the main menu
  2. Click the drop down menu next to Pending Tasks to switch between Created by me and Assigned to me.

Tasks under Compliance library

Tasks can also be created for requirements under a compliance library. Under Type on the above image you can see a Compliance task.

  1. Click the button next to the requirement to want to create a task for.
  2. Fill in the task's fields
  3. Click Add to create the task.
  4. Click View all Tasks to see all tasks created for this compliance library.

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