Setup a Registry

Create a Registry With an Empty Form

Navigate to the Forms

Click on Forms and Manage Forms in the main menu.

Add a New Form

  1. Click Add Form 
  2. Set the name of your Form and enter a short description
  3. Click Add

Add a Category and a Registry

Navigate to the Registries

Click on Forms and Manage Registries in the main menu.

Add a New Category and Registry

  1. Click Add Categorygive the category a name and click OK.
  2. Click on the category to select it.
  3. Click Add Registry to add a new registry to the selected category.

Setup the Registry

  1. Give the registry a name.
  2. Type a short description.
  3. Select who the owner of the registry is.
  4. Select the form to use for the registry.
  5. Define which page will send out a notification to the owner of the registry.
  6. Define which page the user will come to after the form has been submitted.
  7. Tick if confirmation via an email link should be needed before the form submission is accepted.
  8. Tick if the owner of the registry should be notified when a new form submission is made.
  9. Tick if the form should take multiple registrations from the same user.
  10. Set the expiration date for the registry.
  11. Add additional properties if wanted.
  12. Click Add to create the registry.

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