Table of Contents

Create a Table of Contents

  1. Open a Web document and go to the first page.
  2. Go to Tools menu and click Modules.

  3. Drag the Table of Contents module to the desired position on the page.


  1. When you apply the Table of Contents module on the page a settings menu appear. Choose settings and click OK to create the Table of Contents.

How to Use the Table of Contents Module

  • Contents from a single chapter or from all chapters
    This function allows the user to choose which chapters
  • Show chapter title
    If checked the TOC will include the chapter title. Note that this will add an extra row to take into consideration when setting the Number of lines covered by other TOCs.
  • Number of lines to show
    This function is to adjust how many lines that will be shown in the "Table of Content".
  • Number of lines covered by other TOCs
    This function is to explain to the module how many lines that have already been covered by other Table of Contents pages. This function is often used on extensive manuals with plenty of changes. 
  • Heading levels to show
    This setting allows the user to choose how deep the header representation should be.
  • Start subchapter number (h2)
    This setting works in conjunction with the Contents from a single chapter or from all chapters. The setting allows you to only display the ToC for a specific level 2 heading and its children. Start of by choosing a specific chapter from the mentioned dropdown list, now enter the appropriate level 2 heading in the Start subchapter number (h2).


An illustration on how a Web Manuals Table of Contents could look like.

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