Meet Gesa Cole and Anne Schneider

The two latest recruitments to the Web Manuals Team!

Gesa Cole

Gesa grew up in Frankfurt, Germany and later moved to San Diego, CA, where she graduated with an MBA from California International Business University. Prior to accepting this position, she worked as a Training Coordinator at Aviation Port Services as well as in various positions within the Lufthansa group. Gesa brings experience and a proven track record of success within training management and customer relations, which will be invaluable in meeting the goals and objectives for Web Manuals Inc. in 2017.

Gesa gradually joined the team during the end of 2016 and now she has the position as Customer Experience Associate at Web Manuals Inc. in San Diego, effective January 2nd 2017.

Anne Schneider

Anne grew up in Oldenburg, Germany and later moved to London, UK where she graduated with a BA(hons) in Airline and Airport Management from University of West London. As part of her degree she also spent a year working at the Lufthansa back office in Frankfurt. Following this she moved to Lund, Sweden where she graduated with a MA in Business and Economics from Lund University.

Prior to accepting this position, Anne worked as an Associate Consultant at Copenhagen-based start-up Affenium, a professional network for former consultants from McKinsey, BCG and Bain.Anne brings a proven track record of success within business development and customer relationship management, which will be of great value to us to achieve our goals and objectives for 2017.

Anne has the position as Sales Developer and will later join the Customer Success Team at Web Manuals Sweden AB in Malmoe, effective January 16th 2017.

We are very confident that Gesa and Anne are excellent matches for their position and a strong asset to Web Manuals on both continents!

Welcome to the Team!

Martin Lidgard

Founder and CEO

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