Certified Trainings

If you are an experienced editor you can become Web Manuals Certified. The Certification trainings are conducted at Web Manuals Sweden's office in Malmö, Sweden.

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Certified Editor Training

Our Web Manuals Certified Editor Training offers experienced editors to become Web Manuals Certified in our system. The training is a one-day training with lunch included, and is conducted at Web Manuals Sweden’s office in Malmö. The participants will, together with a Web Manuals instructor, go through all the essential editing functions and more advanced features in the admin overview; e.g. workflows, document types, user types, emails, portal, compliance and reports.

After a completed Certified Editor Training the participant will receive a certificate valid for two years. Participants that have completed a Certified Editor Training will also have the possibility to take a Certified Instructor Training. 

Requirements for this training: A completed initial editor training and at least 6 months of editorial work. 

Certified Instructor Training

The Certified Instructor Training will give you the opportunity to become a Web Manuals Instructor so that you can train your colleagues in-house to become Editors. This is a three-day training session at our Malmö office in Sweden that will teach certified editors to become Web Manuals Instructors. Lunch is included during all three days. 

In the training, the participants will learn how to conduct an editor training with focus on the editing functions of the system.
After a completed Instructor Training, the participants will receive a certificate valid for two years, and material to use for conducting Initial Editor Trainings.

Requirements for this training: A successfully completed Certified Editor Training.  

The Certified Instructor Training will cover:

Agenda day 1-3

Overview day 1

  • Cover a full editor training
  • Focus will be on how the delivery is done and how things are described verbally

Overview day 2

  • Continuation trainers training
  • Q&A session on how to formulate questions  
  • Test on how you would teach the team shorter sections of the product 

Overview day 3

  • Full editor training taught by the participants divided up into shorter sections    

For more information, or to register, please contact your nearest Web Manuals’ representative.

Our Instructors

Stefan Bundgaard

Customer Experience Manager

Linnéa Olsson

Service Desk Associate and Training Instructor

Stefan Bundgaard

Customer Experience Managerstefan.bundgaard@webmanuals.aero

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