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    By providing a standardized design for layouts, fonts, and tables, the maintenance of a large number of manuals across the organisation is greatly facilitated. Changes to design standards may be implemented across all documents at once.

    Document structure

    One of the great challenges with manuals is that they tend to grow to several hundred pages of complex content. With an easy-to-navigate tree structure, Web Manuals provides an invaluable overview of chapters and pages.

    Manage changes

    Workflow management and revision control

    When working with a heavily regulated operational manual, it’s essential that different users can work together in a seamless fashion. Role-based editing and workflow management are the tools to steer the production process while maintaining control and efficiency.

    Track and comment 

    As a part of the editing workflow, writers and editors may comment on changes as they are writing, both for the readers to be informed of why a change has been applied as well as to other staff who may need information of ongoing work.


    Modifications to text are highlighted with a vertical line next to the block of text, allowing readers to easily see where changes have occurred since the previous revision.

    View exact changes online

    When reading a manual, each modification since the last revision is highlighted with a vertical line, which, when clicked, shows the exact changes in the text by highlighting added and removed text passages with different colors.

    Readers may also see who made the modification and when it was made, together with any comments that have been added to describe the change.

    Workflow Support

    All modifications to a page are logged with exact information about the change, the user performing the change as well as the date and time.

    It’s possible for writers and editors to keep an ongoing dialogue for each page with page-specific comments in the administration interface.

    Changes included in reasons for revision

    The comments that describe the applied changes may be summarized along with page number, name of the user, and the date the comment was applied. This change log is useful when preparing the distribution of a new manual revision to help readers find the changes relevant to themselves.

    Edit documents with ease

    Writing a manual has never been easier. You get to focus on the content and our software will take care of all the nuts and bolts, including revision and heading numbering, revision bars, re-numbering of pages, and more.

    We provide an easy-to-user administration interface with true WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editing similar to popular word processing applications such as Word or InDesign.

    Page balancing

    When preparing a document for publishing, the editor may need to balance odd and even chapter pages to ensure that a document prints correctly. Web Manuals alerts a user when the number of pages in a chapter requires adjusting.

    Automate front pages

    List of Effective Pages 

    When using a program like Word, one of the most painstaking elements in creating a new revision is to summarize which pages have been modified. In our industry the List of Effective Pages is a crucial part of a manual and also one of the most time-consuming to maintain.

    With Web Manuals, this is no longer the case: the LEP is automatically generated based on all the information tracked during the revision process. The system keeps a record of all the changes along with which pages were modified.

    Table of Contents

    The table of contents is generated based on the chapter titles and section headings down to a selected level of numbering. Each title is linked to the corresponding page automatically.

    Oversee document lifecycle

    With Web Manuals you’ll always have a good overview of your document authoring. This truly effective lifecycle methodology has been built into the software, simplifying compliance and control of your aviation manuals.

    Visualize processes

    When creating an organisation geared towards quality, safety and efficiency, one of the keys to success is defining and communicating clear work processes. With the Web Manuals Lifecycle, it is clear at which point each document is in and who is responsible for moving it forward in the lifecycle.

    Monitor > Edit > Review > Distribute > Control


    The key question when maintaining operational manuals is whether there is critical information which has yet to be incorporated into the manuals and thereby the collective organisational knowledge.


    One of the great challenges when managing a large amount of organisational knowledge is to have the tools to keep the information up-to-date and of high quality.


    A complex document such as an operational manual must follow a well-defined workflow process for publishing new revisions to guarantee a high level of quality and efficiency. We offer recommended workflows or you can create your own, allowing for a totally customizable approval flow for each manual.


    Once a new revision of a manual has been published, it is of utmost importance that new information is adopted by the members of the organisation promptly.


    To fulfil safety and quality standards, it is vital to have the tools to audit the level of implementation of safety and quality standards in the organisation.

    Performance reports show how each team member has retrieved new revisions ensure the compliance with operational standards.

    Integrate with our powerful API

    You can make Web Manuals do pretty much anything with our API. For instance, you could retrieve documents for distribution through external systems or manage users through an Active Directory server.

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