Forms Manager

Forms can be easily created, distributed, and submitted by front line employees using our powerful Forms Manager tool. 

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    Simple editing and revision-management of forms

    Custom forms are easily designed by editors by just dragging and dropping fields onto the form area. The easy-to-use form editor has standard form fields for text fields, custom dropdown lists, radio buttons as well as user lists and status options.

    Published forms are managed as a part of document revisions, allowing the same form to be reused in many documents such as work cards, manuals, and audit instructions. It's easy to revise and re-publish forms both as stand-alone documents and as part of a manual.

    Electronic submitting of forms both online and offline

    Published web-based documents may include dynamic forms which are linked to registries allowing submitted form data to be stored in a database.

    When data has been sent to the server, notices are sent to responsible administrator with key information about the submitted data.

    It's possible to submit data both via a web browser or offline using the Web Manuals Reader app for iPad/Windows tablets, in which case the data is automatically synchronized when the device is back online.

    All submitted data is available in registry database

    Electronically submitted form data is stored in a database with the option of integrating the data into a separate reporting system. 

    The Forms Manager allows all submitted data to be analyzed with our statistics tool or exported to Excel.

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