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"Digitizing the on-board library using the Web Manuals Reader for iPad in conjunction with electronic route manuals were the obvious first steps in saving paper and fuel.” - BRA (Braathens Regional Airline)

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    The Web Manuals app enables instant end-to-end publishing of manuals, notices, and forms in a controlled and accurate manner. Team members can navigate large documents using visual chapter overviews and smart modules for cross-reference links, revision highlights, as well as table of contents and alphabetical indexes.

    Web Manuals reader app for iPad and Windows devices offers

    • Simple and user-friendly experience for reading aviation manuals
    • Interactive manuals with convenient linking and navigation
    • Clear highlighting of revision changes
    • Accurate and controlled distribution of updates
    • Integration with Web Manuals application for writing manuals
    • Compatibilty with EFB Class 1/2 
    • Efficient updating of large documents with minimal data transfer

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