“Web Manuals allows us to maintain up to date documentation and gives us an efficient and effective way to communicate the changes to our team all over the world.”
– Bluebird Cargo, Iceland

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    Fast and versatile

    The Reader interface is where all front-line employees read their manuals. It allows for swift navigation, highlighting, commenting, and reviewing of documents.

    The reader is available to any employee who has been set up with an account via the Web Manuals administrator. In the web-based reader, your front-line employees are able to read all the manuals they have been given access to. The reader is accessible through any of the latest web browsers, allowing for a wide array of options in device choice.

    The user is able to view all changes, quickly moving through the changes in their updated document by navigation buttons at the bottom of the page.

    Highlights and annotations

    The user can then make annotations and highlights that are saved to their unique copy of the manual and are accessible anytime they sign in on any device. This can be extremely valuable in the case that a pilot or mechanic can read and make highlights to their operational manual from the comfort of a desktop or laptop, but still have access to all their mark ups when they log in later to the app on their EFB device.

    The user annotations and highlights also survive revisions because all revisions are done on a page-by-page basis. If a user has a comment on a page that is updated, they will receive a notification asking for verification that their annotation or highlight is still valid.


    From the Reader, users can quickly send the owner of the manual comments about the content. This ensures feedback is easily given and located securely so no comments are misplaced. When the editor starts a new revision, they will see all user comments in one location, at which time they can update the manual as needed.

    Reviewing and approving document changes

    For users granted reviewer access, they also use the reader to approve/deny/comment on proposed changes to a document. The information is then sent back to the editor so they can publish the document or make any necessary changes. An administrator can add anybody as an internal or external reviewer, allowing for regulators or auditors to review documents in a controlled and efficient manner. Several Web Manuals customers have agreements with CAA or FAA inspectors to review document changes through the Web Manuals Reader.

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