“We are proud to partner with Web Manuals Sweden AB to combine both companies’ expertise for providing the most sophisticated and efficient manual software and related services to our clients.”
– Joel Hencks, AeroEx, Switzerland

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Premium Service Partners

Premium Service Partners are certified Web Manuals professionals with thorough knowledge of the Web Manuals tools and best practices with the ability to provide qualified training and guidance in implementing Web Manuals as well as manage document libraries on behalf of clients using Web Manuals.


AeroEx GmbH is a Swiss-based company and offers a wide range of services with particular focus on the delivery of regulatory consultancy and support services to companies of the aviation industry.

AeroEx is a Web Manuals Premium Partner since 2013.

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Official Service Partners

Official Service Partners are domain experts in the area of aviation regulations and safety management and are qualified to provide content authoring services using the Web Manuals application.

BizAv Services Ltd.

BizAv Services Ltd. supports the aviation industry with specialised consultancy services including management and support for AOC applicants in Malta, development of manuals, audits and crew training. Bizav are based in Malta.

BizAv is a Web Manuals Service Partner since 2015.

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GCS Safety Solutions

GCS Safety Solutions provides consultancy services in the area of aviation management as well as manuals and technical documentation, based in Switzerland.

GCS is a Web Manuals Service Partner since 2013.

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PerformAir provides expertise within airline operations and quality management including auditing according EU OPS 1, JAR FCL 1 and EASA part M.

PerformAir is a Web Manuals Service Partner since 2011.

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Quality Learning

Quality Learning is a leading consultancy in aviation safety, efficiency and profitability, based in Sweden.

Quality Learning is a Web Manuals Service Partner since 2010.

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Premium Solution Partners

Premium Solution Partners are able to provide customers with an entire suite of solutions to meet all compliance needs. These multi-faceted companies are thoroughly trained and certified in order to be able to fully demonstrate, sell, implement, and support Web Manuals.

Certified Solution Partners

Certified Solution Partners provide hardware and software solutions that provide in-depth integration of functionalities and data with the Web Manuals application.


IFS - International Flight Support ApS is an innovative and experienced supplier of iPad and Windows based EFB platform solutions aimed exclusively at the aviation industry.

IFS is a Web Manuals Solution Partner since 2013.

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Official Solution Partners

Official Solution Partners provide hardware and software solutions that integrate with and complement the Web Manuals application to generate added value to clients.

AvioVision N.V.

AvioVision N.V. creates innovative aviation solutions for front line and back-office staff. Their product AVIOBOOK is a truly comprehensive and proven EFB software solution for Windows and iOS platforms.

AvioVision is a Web Manuals Solution Partner since 2013.

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Bromma Air Maintenance

Bromma Air Maintenance is one of the largest Part 145 facilities in Northen Europe. With its own DOA, BAM provides modification and certification of aircraft.

BAM is a Web Manuals Solution Partner since 2012.

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Pilotech AS

Pilotech AS is a provider of the ultramodern, mobile, cloud based crisis management system IncaseIT. IncaseIT delivers easy planning and operations without the need for extensive systems training programs.

Pilotech AS is a Web Manuals Solution Partner since 2011.

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Official Sales Agents

Official Sales Agents have the ability to identify needs and make recommendations for document management projects for organizations in the aviation industry. Resellers generally rely on Solution Partners for the implementation of the Web Manuals application.

Time to Fly

Time to Fly is an aviation consulting company based in Paris Le Bourget Airport. Time to Fly provides support for airlines, private operators, maintenance organizations and airports in terms of compliance and safety management systems. Time to Fly is also specialized in setting up and managing any start-up project such as Air Operator Certificate and Part 145 approval.

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F.S.Freeman Associates

F.S.Freeman Associates aviation consultants supports and advises organizations in developing the key components of flight operations competency to a world-class level.

F.S. Freeman is a Web Manuals Official Sales Agent since 2011.

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Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International LLC (AvMaSSI) are dedicated to serving the transportation industry, providing its extensive expertise to airlines, airports, seaports, private and commercial operators, governments and civil aviation authorities, international agencies, manufacturers, and insurance/financial institutions.

AvMaSSI is a Web Manuals Official Sales Agent since 2016.

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